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TaeKwonDo For Kids St Louis

The program that we offer is in St Louis county, we are enrolling new students everyday for kids Taekwondo classes, and give alot of attention to children with Special Needs. (Kids challenged with Deafness, Autism, CP, DS)

Benefits for all kids:

  • They learn how to focus their energies
  • Less tension in the home and school
  • Children gain confidence in themselves
  • Have lots of fun!

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Ask us about “”Emergency Responders” & Military Discounts.

March 2018

3rd – No Class ~ Lebanon Tournament

9th – Krav @ 6PM

17th –  St. Patty’s Day! ~Wear Green

23rd – Easter Games    



April 2018

6th – Krav @ 6PM

15th – St. Ann Parade!

18th – 19th * Student Testing

28th – Blue Springs Tournament


Classroom Hours

Monday & Wednesday Classes
5-5:30PM – Tigers
5:30-6:15PM – Black Belt Club
6:15-6:45PM – Leadership
6:45-7:15PM – Advanced
7:30-8:15PM – Adults/Black Belt

Tuesday Classes

4:30-5PM – Tigers
5-5:45PM – Black Belt Club
5:45-6:15PM – Advance Class
6:30-7:15PM – Black Belt Club
7:15-8PM – Adults

Thursday Classes

4:30-5PM – Tigers
5-5:45PM – Black Belt Club
5:45-6:30PM – Advanced Classes
6:30-7:15PM – Black Belt Club
7:15-8PM – Adults

Saturday Classes *

8:30-9AM – Tigers
9:30-10:15AM – Black Belt Club
10:15-10:45AM – Leadership
10:45-11:30AM – Advanced Classes
12-12:30PM – Adults
9-9:30AM – age 11&Under
11:30-12PM – age 12&Up

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“This is more than a place to learn Tae Kwon Do. The instructors are fair and caring, and they use the relationships they build with the students to nurture trust, respect, and self-discipline, thereby drawing out the students’ potential to master Tae Kwon Do and other vital life skills. ” Rebecca Mason

“As a single mother with 2 special needs kids, I was having trouble with keeping my kids active and self disciplined. ATA has been instrumental in helping my kids stay active and get along better as brothers. Thanks!” Debra Levine

“My son has been going there for almost a year now and absolutely loves it. The instructors are amazing. Can’t say enough great things about this place!” Jason Fletcher